Designed to create the best co-working lab with proof of concept in all of Florida!

Planned first to be the focus point for the creative class to come together to create new ideas, new technology, and new high paying jobs. Including people in science, engineering, architecture, industrial design, education, arts, music and entertainment.

Our coaches and partners and are here to help with decisions big and small; sales methods, industrial design, MVP, prototyping, talent retention, operations, or Raising Capital.

Using networking and community building events such as: Creative Mornings, Founders Institute, Meet up groups, Micro Capital Venture Group, Broward Score, all designed to build interest and patronage for Hollywood.

Hollywood is the place to be!

Launch Me Labs, L.L.C. established in June 2015, in anticipation of opening a coworking and technology innovation epicenter in Downtown Hollywood Florida. The purpose is to make downtown Hollywood a place of Community, Connectedness, Co Learning, Inspiration, Entrepreneurial Success, Innovation, and Creativity. All in a long-term, sustainable way. Our mission is to be a resolute champion of the (DTHP) Down Town Hollywood Project, and the entrepreneurial ecosystems supporting them.

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